The Career Choices if you want to become a Millionaire by 35

The most lucrative careers can be found in the realm of sports. The majority of professional athletes rack in millions on every paycheck. Even the athletes who are at the bottom of the pay scale, they also reel in paychecks that require degrees in other professions. Since most people are not inherently gifted with dazzling abilities to make it as a professional athlete, this article, as the title reads, will touch more on career options like health care. To be more specific, career options like surgeons reel in a hefty annual salary of $189,590. This sum doubles what physicians' assistants make, but the salaries of physicians' assistants are astonishingly surprising, to say the least. This profession sees an annual salary of $63,490. Considering that the minimum requirements of this profession are as simple as having a college degree and completing an accredited course, the shock factor is justified, especially for those with limited abilities but is interested in becoming a millionaire before the age of 35.

CEOs are not too far behind surgeons. Their salaries average out around an annual sum of $134,960. This is not shocking at all and should not be because of the complex nature of this profession. Although CEOs' salary is pretty decent but lacks a high shocking factor, the upcoming professions will most certainly change the course of things. With this in mind, anesthesiologists are amongst the top bread winners with a salary of $181,420. Following close behind anesthesiologists are gynecologists and obstetricians with a whooping salary averaging out around $179,640. Moreover, while internists' annual salary tops off around a reasonable amount of $158,350, dentists are pulling in a hefty amount, but it is less than what internists make -- $133,350. Next up on the most lucrative careers is a personal financial adviser. Now, this profession is a tricky one. It deserves a top spot because it is very awarding in salaries, but its gigantic variation in the earnings department knocks it down a couple of spots. The three main contributing factors to the large salary fluctuation that personal financial advisers face are because of the potential growth, economic growth and the job's required educational index. Some top personal financial advisers make around $145,000 while others only make around $28,330.

Medical scientists have the educational background that is fit for making top dollars, but it is unfortunate that this is not the case. With a PhD and doctoral degrees, medical scientists earning $100,000 is not bad but it is shocking. Continuing the list of lucrative careers, podiatrists earn around $94,500 while lawyers make $91,920 and optometrists earn $88,100. The annual salary of computer and information systems managers averages around $83,890. In general, different fields of professions offer various salaries that will help anyone to become a millionaire before the age of 35. For this reason, it is best to be capable of performing in more than one field. Without any second guessing, this will most certainly increase the odds of becoming a millionaire much sooner than later.